Moves for Students

 Are you a student looking for a move?

 Smoover is a student-focused moving company that offers affordable moves for students. We understand that moving can be expensive, so we offer our services at a fraction of the cost.

 We want to make moving as easy and affordable as possible for students. Our goal is to help students save money and reduce stress during one of the most challenging times of their lives.

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Affordable moves for Students

Smoover has special rates for students and we will work with you to make sure your belongings arrive safe and sound at the new location. Just let us know that you are a student either when filling out our form or when contacting us via WhatsApp.

 Smoovr can help to move students on the following routes:

  • Within German cities
  • Within Germany
  • To Germany from any European country and the UK
  • From Germany to another European country and the UK

For us, a student move is defined as a move for one person with only a few items and mostly boxes but barely any furniture. 

We can offer rates much lower than our competitors, especially on long-distance routes. The reason is that we will combine shipments and only need to send one hard-working and professional driver with a van.

If you want to save further, you either move without furniture or make sure the large items like beds and wardrobes are disassembled ahead of time. 

Some affordable moves for students carried out by SMOOVER in past

  • Maria moved 20 boxes, Desktop PC and a Guitar from Munich to Barcelona for 700€ with Smoovr
  • Charukesh moved 30 boxes from Munich to Berlin for 300€ with Smoovr
  • Jan moved 40 boxes from Warsaw to Munich for 350€ with Smoovr

For communication we use WhatsApp. We will tell you ahead of time when the driver will pick up your items. You will always know where your items are and we will let you know exactly when the delivery can be expected. 

You’re part of Generation Z, so you expect a seamless online experience.  We’re dragging the moving industry into the 21st century, to deliver on your expectations.  Give us a try, just fill out the form in less than 5 minutes and await your offer.

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