How to make moving more eco-friendly

Moving to a new home is always exciting. As a mindful moving company, we know that it also has effects on the environment. While offerings like biofueled or electric moving trucks might still be some way ahead, we can still share some ideas on how to make moving as environmentally friendly as possible.

That is why we compiled these suggestions, including selling items before moving, using and re-using packing materials and avoiding waste and energy-overconsumption. We invite you to explore all the strategies we can use to make your move eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint. Which are your favorites?

1 – Being Environmentally Conscious

Every human activity has environmental impacts – and the same is true for moving. It produces a significant amount of waste and greenhouse gas emissions. By taking steps to reduce our impact, we can help to conserve resources and protect the planet. By being mindful of our actions during a move, we can make a positive impact on the environment. One way we do this, wherever possible, is to ensure that our trucks never drive empty over long distances.

2 – Moving with Less, Using Eco-Friendly Materials

One way to reduce the environmental impact of a move is to donate or sell unwanted items instead of throwing them away. This not only reduces waste but also helps others who may be in need of those items. Additionally, using eco-friendly packing materials such as recycled boxes or biodegradable packing material can also make a big difference. We also offer a service where all the packing materials – cardboard boxes and plastic wrap – can be recycled.

3 – Packing Mindfully

When packing your belongings, there are several strategies we can use to minimize your environmental impact. For example, packing items tightly to reduce the number of boxes we need. Instead of buying additional packing material to protect delicate goods, we can use clothing or towels.

4 – Cleaning Our Home the Eco-Friendly Way

Before we move out of our old home, it’s important to clean it up properly. However, some cleaning products can harm the environment. That is why we can look consciously for eco-friendly cleaning products with natural, non-toxic ingredients.

5 – Settling In The Energy-Efficient Way

When arriving at our new home, we can make our unpacking process more eco-friendly. For example, by reusing packing materials or recycle them properly. We can also purchase energy-efficient household appliances to reduce the overall energy consumption.

6 – Inspiring Each Other!

In conclusion, eco friendly moving is possible! With a little planning and mindfulness, we can get closer to our goal of an eco-friendly move. But, especially when planning your European Movings with SMOOVER Moving, feel free to take some of the mentioned steps to minimize your impact and make your move an inspiration to others. And – do not forget to ask us about every kind of assistance along the way!

The Smoover Moving Team

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