Checklist for Long Distance Movings in Europe

Moving can be stressful. That’s why it’s smart to plan ahead and have a movings checklist ready as a helpful tool. 

Our checklist covers the three months prior to your moving until the very day of your move.

The following guidance is applicable after a few other things have been established: You know the address (or at least location) of your new home within Europe and what you will be doing there, be it as a jobseeker, professional, student or family member. 

If you are still in the phase of orientation, we have compiled valuable information about quality of life, costs of living and the job market for distinct destinations within Europe, like Movings to Germany, Movings to Spain or Movings to the UK.

Twelve weeks before your moving

movings checklist 12 weeks prior
  • Ideally, you now know the date at which your new life in your new home will begin – like your first day at your new workplace or your enrollment date at your new place of education.
  • With that in mind, you can start fixing your moving date. If possible, take some days off around that date to avoid a flurry of activity. Try to schedule the moving date before the  day with your first obligations in the new country!
  • Be sure to get your fixed moving quote as soon as possible. You will find it extremely useful to have some flexibility here: With a couple of possible moving days you will be sure to get a good offer. Are you moving during summer? Then it is best to get your European Movings Quote at least six weeks in advance, for it is the peak season for moving.

Eight weeks before your moving

movings checklist 8 weeks prior
  • With the calendar in mind, you can now prepare for the actual move. Buy or collect boxes for everything that needs to go with you. Test-pack some of them in order to get a good feeling for how many boxes you will really need.
  • Start getting rid of the things you do not want to move. Make a list of items you want to sell, throw away or give away to friends, family or charity. If you sell things online, prepare good photographs and add clear product descriptions for better profit.
  • Now is also a good time to secure your moving both financially and legally. If you need special insurance for your new life abroad, search the web for relevant offers. Arrange your bank account so that remaining payments for your old home as well as initial costs for your new place are covered.  

Six weeks before moving

  • At this stage you make sure you are left only with the things that actually go with you. These belongings make up what we call a “moving inventory”. If you request your quote from SMOOVER, you will be presented with an easy-to-fill-in online form.
  • Also, we provide our customers with information on how to use your Smartphone to make a video of all the moving goods. By shooting a simple pre-move video or sending pictures, you can skip the need for a moving surveyor visiting your place and manually registering all the items. 

Four weeks before you go

movings checklist 4 weeks prior
  • A month before the moving date, you should have the most important things arranged. It’s a good time for any special or additional requests to be resolved. If any heavy or delicate items need to be packed, we can provide a special packing service to help you out.
  • Together with you, we will find out if there is a need for a specially reserved parking space for the moving truck. We regularly take care of all parking permits for the moving company vehicles that are booked through us. 

One week prior to moving

movings checklist 1 week prior
  • The last few days before you move you can make sure every detail has been thought of. Have all local delivery services for your old home been canceled? Have you run down your perishables and freezer food? Have your household appliances been either sold or unplugged, cleaned and packed for the move?
  • The main focus now is on your continued health and wellbeing. You should have your most important documents ready, like visas, passports and driving licenses. You, your family and also pets should have the necessary health documents and any  vaccines that might be mandatory.
  • Last not least, all you need for your intermediary mobile and home office has to be prepared.  Make sure to pack a bag of essentials that you can travel with, and you should be ready to go!

But what if …?

We know that modern life is sometimes unpredictable. Along the way, unforeseen things can happen. And sometimes, solutions need to be found quickly. So, what should you do if the moving cannot be performed in line with the above-mentioned movings checklist?

Here is good news: This is exactly what SMOOVER is here for. We have designed our moving service so that we can adapt things during the process. By managing your move via instant messenger using WhatsApp, we establish continual communication from the day you make your contract until the day of your moving. 

So, you do not have to worry – we’ve got your European move covered! ☺ 

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