Move out package

Are you tired of your old, cramped apartment?

 Smoover is a company that provides an easy and convenient way to move out of your old apartment. We offer a variety of packages that include everything you need to move, such as boxes, tape, and markers. We also have a variety of sizes to choose from, so you can find the perfect package for your needs.

 Moving can be a hassle, but with Smoover it doesn’t have to be. We take the stress out of moving by providing all the supplies you need and by offering easy payment options. Plus, our packages are affordable and our customer service is top-notch.

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Move out package

Move to your new apartment – and get the old one ready for handover – the Smoover way – All on one invoice (for your taxes or your new employer) – Get your Kaution back without the hassle

In Germany, it is often the case that you as the apartment renter are required to paint the apartment before moving out. You can read this here here and here

There are some ways around it but mostly only when the apartment was not freshly painted when you moved in. When it, in fact, was freshly painted you need also to repaint everything before you move out.

Also, apartments need to be handed over “besenrein”. The effort to achieve this may vary depending on how intensely you were using the kitchen, e.g. Our cleaning teams have the experience and right tools to make it sparkle – just enough so your landlord won’t be able to complain at all. Guaranteed. 

E,g. for a 70m² apartment in Munich we charge 700€ for the painting and 180€ for the cleaning services. Of course, you can decide to do the painting yourself, but consider you will need ~100€ for materials and probably 8hrs

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