Moving From Germany To Switzerland

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Moving From Germany To Switzerland

Many foreigners choose to relocate from Germany to Switzerland due to a change of work, attracted by its high quality of life, the beautiful Swiss outdoor lifestyle, and good salaries.

At Smoover, we have moving teams who travel the route from Germany to Switzerland every week or so.  We will make sure your belongings will arrive safely and with all the necessary paperwork (such as inventory lists, weight declarations, and customs forms).

Main swiss cities to consider while moving from Germany to Switzerland






We offer a full door-to-door service, with professional packing, to make sure all furniture and loose items are cared for. In addition to top-level moving teams and excellent communication, we also will brief you fully on all the preparation required.

Important points to consider before moving your belongings from Germany to Switzerland

There are a few things you will need to consider in advance before moving your belongings to Switzerland. Firstly, you’ll need to make an inventory of your belongings, which can be done easily using our inventory form or even by just sending us a video of your items.  It’s important to note that (in theory 😉 you’ll only be able to take items that you’ve owned for at least six months. Another piece of admin to take care of is clearance with the customs office, who will often ask you to give some proof of a valid reason for entering the country with your items, typically a rental agreement or contract of employment. If you happen to be a resident of an EU country you won’t need to provide a residence permit. Things can get complicated, so a good place to look for more information is the Swiss government website.  However, as we have plenty of experience in relocations from Germany to Switzerland, we can make sure that everything is in order for your relocation, and make sure the truck gets through customs with no problems.

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