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We at SMOOVER are a Germany-based moving company, offering European Movings to Germany. No matter from which European Country you are moving to Germany, we will provide you with a competitive offer, with various optional services around the safety and comfort of your moving – plus a smooth English and App-Chat-based communication!

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We will transfer all your belongings and goods safely to any of the popular destinations in Germany, including Movings to Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt or other popular cities. Among our many happy customers are expats choosing a new place for work and living as well as people from all over Europe who simply want to enjoy a smooth move. That’s what we stand for!

There are specific requirements for each move. That’s why we plan each move individually. Our online form will guide you and help you get a competitive quote quickly. All additional communication is done via WhatsApp and on your Smartphone. We will always offer a fixed price including all transport and extra services. Our most commonly requested packages are:

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Dedicated Transport

Standard Service. All your items are carried on a dedicated truck with loading and unloading taken care of by a professional moving team. Protection of all furniture and standard insurance is included.

Exclusive Moving Package

Our extra option covers all the Standard Services of the dedicated transport but includes additional services like box packing and extra-safe packing for valuable goods like antiques, art, pianos or the like.

Budget Movings Option

Our option for transport for just a few boxes or items is combining loads and only sending a driver, so that you might help with loading and unloading. This requires flexibility with pickup and delivery times.


To get your FIXED PRICE OFFER today, just fill out our online form. Once your individual moving plan is established, we plan and execute the move to Germany in front of your eyes. All the communication is done via WhatsApp and on your Smartphone. We are establishing an efficient conversation between you and us in which everything is taken care of.


The vibe of Berlin is incomparable: Residents and tourists equally value the capital for its historic landmarks, diverse restaurant scene and buzzing nightlife. While there are plenty of activities for your spare time, this is just one example for spending a multi-faceted day in the 3.7-million city: Visit the German Bundestag with its beautiful dome and roof terrace and later take a boat tour on the Spree. Finally, you could dance away the night in legendary clubs such as Berghain or Watergate.

Driving about 600 kilometres south of Berlin gets you to the scenic city of Munich, which is inhabited by about 1.5 million people. Tourists love Munich for its infinite shopping possibilities, art museums and theatres and not least for its savoury Bavarian cuisine. Finally, every year people from all over the world travel to Munich to celebrate the Oktoberfest: This festival is known for its funfair, traditional lederhosen and dirndl outfits and consumption of beer.

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Costs of living in Germany

Moving to Germany is a thrilling adventure which also involves some preparation. To make your relocation as smooth as possible, keep the following insights about the rental and housing prices in Germany in mind. As you can see, the prices differ highly in the respected cities:


Tuition Costs In Germany

No matter if you plan to educate yourself further or emigrate with your partner and children, Germany is definitely one of the most affordable countries to study worldwide. Bachelor’s degrees at public universities do not involve any costs except for the semester contribution. It is about 300 Euros and covers the train ticket and general expenses. When studying at private universities, the tuition fees depend on the specific institution:

BachelorNo costs200-4.170 EUR/Year


Labour Market

Thanks to Germany’s economic growth, there are various job opportunities in this country. If you plan a moving to Germany with the help of your employer, you might already have an agreed salary. If you, however, decide to emigrate on your own, consider the average annual salary of 40.522 Euro as of 2018. Moreover, it luckily increased by about 14 % compared to 2009. Finally, around 74 % of the German workforce is employed in the service sector, 25 % in industry and 1 % in agriculture.


Distances from Berlin...

to Madrid: 2.320 km
to London: 1.100 km
to Paris: 1.051 km
to Lisbon: 2.781 km
to Athens: 2.334 km
to Amsterdam: 657 km

to Rome: 1.502 km
to Vienna: 639 km
to Prague: 349 km
to Moscow: 1.820 km
to Dublin: 1.687 km

Movings to Germany: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are moving with lots of items and objects, then we will book you on an exclusive moving truck. This is covered by our Standard Service.

A standard industry insurance of 620 Euros per cubic meter is included on all transports. Additional options for high value items are available upon request.

Yes, a special packing service is available in all locations. We will include this in the calculation for your individual quote.

We can offer low prices on small transports by combining loads. This is especially possible if you are somewhat flexible with pickup and delivery times.

Movings to germany with SMOOVER


We highly encourage you to try out our Movings to Germany right here, right now. If you use this opportunity now, you have what most of our customers desire: A fixed price offer for a reliable value-added moving service.