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Whether it’s deluxe clubs, weekly markets or world-famous spots such as the Piccadilly Circus – London is everything you could ask for in a metropolis. UK’s capital not only draws around 18 million tourists annually but also has enticed 8.8 million people to make it its permanent residence. Our Movings to London service is designed to help you become one of them!

London Culture and Economy

Whether you like to explore the historical roots of the city, take in its architecture and landscape or prefer to party all night – you can rest assured you will find it in London. History fans can visit the British Museum and Westminster Palace while nature lovers enjoy a walk in Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens instead. Interestingly enough and compared to other capitals, London has a remarkably high proportion of green space with 38.3 %. Lastly, regardless of whether you are a night owl or not, you absolutely have to give its nightlife a try to experience the incredible dynamic yourself.

The UK ranks among the top 10 countries with the highest employment rate worldwide. London currently has an employment rate of 72.9 % and given its economic relevance, is one of the most popular places for work. However, since the UK has exited the European Union on 31 January 2020, the free movement for European citizens has expired as well. Facing these structural shifts, nearly everybody will have to apply for work visas and meet special requirements for their movings to London. To avoid possible obstacles, we recommend you inform yourself in good time.

London Movings

Smoover Moving Services


Standard Service. All your items are carried on a dedicated truck with loading and unloading taken care of by a professional moving team. Protection of all furniture and standard insurance is included.


Our extra option covers all the Standard Services of the dedicated transport but includes additional services like box packing and extra-safe packing for valuable goods like antiques, art, pianos or the like.


Our option for transport for just a few boxes or items is combining loads and only sending a driver, so that you might help with loading and unloading. This requires flexibility with pickup and delivery times.

Popular neighbourhoods of London

London consists of 32 boroughs within its inner and outer circle. To give you a taste of some of the coolest places to be, we present to you four of the most well-known neighbourhoods in town:

  • Camden (11): The neighbourhood of Camden is exceedingly vibrant since young people and tourists come here to enjoy the buzzing nightlife and take advantage of the excellent public transportation connection to hop from place to another. Camden Market is also a magnet for shopping fans who love to immerse themselves into a dazzling selection of fashion, art and food.
  • Greenwich (22): Greenwich is also one of the trendier boroughs of London and enchants its visitors with its spacious and green landscapes. It is moreover home to the world-famous O2 entertainment venue. You can also take things easy in Greenwich while visiting the Queen’s House or the National Maritime Museum.
  • Chelsea (3):  If you want to explore the luxurious side of London, Chelsea is the right place. In this borough, some of the wealthiest citizens of London reside, and some of the most exquisite restaurants and expensive shops on King’s Road exist. Moreover, it is the perfect place to dive into art galleries and spend an evening at the Royal Court Theatre.
  • Hackney (9): Family-friendly, culturally diverse and amazingly colourful probably describes the borough of Hackney best. Come here to get a suburban feeling and have a fun time exploring different bars, shops, flower markets and graffiti all over the streets.

[source: Wikimedia Commons, Licenced under CC BY-SA 4.0; edited]

Preparing your Moving to London

Daydreaming about your moving to London is wonderful. To keep your spirit positive and yourself relaxed, go on and request a quote from SMOOVER. Our mission is to organize you a smooth moving day and connect you with high-quality and cost-efficient moving firms in Europe. To help you during the entire process, we have prepared a moving checklist with the most important steps for you. Finally, we would also recommend you to explore our insights on UK movings in general.

Movings to London


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