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What you need to know when moving to Spain.

Vibrant cities, heavenly beaches, and delicious food: The sunny side of life is definitely awaiting you with your moving to Spain. To make your moving day as well-prepared and relaxed as possible, we have some helpful information for you.

Hassle-free movings to Spain with SMOOVER

The excitement about moving abroad is unparalleled: Starting a new job, meeting new friends and colleagues, and diving into a different mentality are just a few examples of what is ahead for you. However, it would be a pity to ruin this joy with a time-consuming and exhausting moving.

To avoid this hassle, we connect you with professional and cost-efficient moving firms through SMOOVER. Based on your personal requirements we find a perfect-match moving company and include all the services that suit your moving needs. Our most commonly requested packages are:

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Dedicated Transport

Standard Service. All your items are carried on a dedicated truck with loading and unloading taken care of by a professional moving team. Protection of all furniture and standard insurance is included.

Exclusive Moving Package

Our extra option covers all the Standard Services of the dedicated transport but includes additional services like box packing and extra-safe packing for valuable goods like antiques, art, pianos or the like.

Budget Movings Option

Our option for transport for just a few boxes or items is combining loads and only sending a driver, so that you might help with loading and unloading. This requires flexibility with pickup and delivery times.


To get your FIXED PRICE OFFER today, just fill out our online form. Once your individual moving plan is established, we plan and execute the move to Spain in front of your eyes. All the communication is done via WhatsApp and on your Smartphone. We are establishing an efficient conversation between the movers, you and us in which everything is taken care of.

Things to consider when moving to Spain

With around 80 million tourists a year, Spain offers a rich culture with plenty of sightseeing opportunities. Madrid is the capital of the 48-million country and is popular for its intriguing architecture and museums such as the Prado Museum with its European art collection. Food lovers can also have a great time at tapas bars and restaurants while taking a sip of a Spanish Cerveza.

With 1.6 million inhabitants, Barcelona is the second-largest Spanish city. Whether you want to experience historical landmarks, modern quarters, or exclusive fashion stores, Barcelona offers all that and so much more. And if you needed another reason to move there: It also falls in 43rd place out of 231 cities worldwide when it comes to the quality of life.

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Costs of living in Spain

Before you take the plunge and emigrate, you need to be informed about the rental and housing prices in Spain that vary from city to city. Although Madrid is Spain’s capital, you will find that apartments are the most expensive in Barcelona:


Tuition Costs In Spain

Even if you plan a moving to Spain with your partner and children, you should focus on connecting with other people to avoid the feeling of isolation and homesickness. Given the warm climate and leisure opportunities such as visiting museums and sunbathing at the beach, you can definitely look forward to adventurous afternoons. Especially if your children are about to graduate from school and plan to study in a Spanish university, you will need to take tuition fees into account as they can differ, especially at private universities:

Bachelor680-1.280 EUR/Year5.500-18.000 EUR/Year
Master/Doctor32-36 EUR/Credit---

[source: Studying in Spain]

Labour Market

If you are considering a moving to Spain and find a job in the country, you should keep the average annual salary in mind which amounted to 27.468 in 2019. Moreover, around 76 % of the Spanish workforce is employed in the service field, while 20 % works in the industry and 4 % in agriculture.


Distances from Madrid...

to Berlin: 2.322 km
to London: 1.720 km
to Paris: 1.273 km
to Lisbon: 624 km
to Athens: 3.678 km
to Amsterdam: 1.773 km

to Rome: 1.957 km
to Vienna: 2.377 km
to Prague: 2.215 km
to Moscow: 4.111 km
to Dublin: 2.331 km

Movings to Spain: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are moving with lots of items and objects, then we will book you on an exclusive moving truck. This is covered by our Standard Service.

A standard industry insurance of 620 Euros per cubic meter is included on all transports. Additional options for high value items are available upon request.

Yes, a special packing service is available in all locations. We will include this in the calculation for your individual quote.

We can offer low prices on small transports by combining loads. This is especially possible if you are somewhat flexible with pickup and delivery times.

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