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What you need to know when moving to UK.

Signature red phone booths, Queen Elizabeth and afternoon tea: These images might pop into your mind when thinking about the UK. The United Kingdom includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, each with their individual histories and rich culture. To prepare and excite you for your moving to the UK, here is some useful information for you.

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Around 40 million tourists travel annually to the UK to experience all the sights and activities it has in store. With your plan to join the 66.5 million inhabitants and build yourself a life with a new job, friends and routine, you already have more than enough to organise. Understandably, you probably wish for a smooth and relaxed moving day.

We want that for your moving as well. For that reason, we are committed to providing you with a professional and cost-efficient moving service made by SMOOVER. Based on your personal requirements, we find a perfect-match quote and include all the services that suit your moving needs. Our most commonly requested packages are:

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Dedicated Transport

Standard Service. All your items are carried on a dedicated truck with loading and unloading taken care of by a professional moving team. Protection of all furniture and standard insurance is included.

Exclusive Moving Package

Our extra option covers all the Standard Services of the dedicated transport but includes additional services like box packing and extra-safe packing for valuable goods like antiques, art, pianos or the like.

Budget Movings Option

Our option for transport for just a few boxes or items is combining loads and only sending a driver, so that you might help with loading and unloading. This requires flexibility with pickup and delivery times.


To get your FIXED PRICE OFFER today, just fill out our online form. Once your individual moving plan is established, we plan and execute the move to the UK in front of your eyes. All the communication is done via WhatsApp and on your Smartphone. We are establishing an efficient conversation between you in which everything is taken care of.


Make sure to take a deep breath before you hop on the world-famous London Eye. This Ferris wheel is the tallest worldwide and offers you a breath-taking view over UK’s capital both day and night. Moreover, the British metropolis is known for its classical landmarks such as the Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge. London certainly provides various possibilities for everybody – ultimately, about 9 million residents cannot be wrong.

Have you ever heard about Brummies? That is how the locals in Birmingham, UK’s second-largest city with 1.1 million residents, are called. The town used to have a moody, industrial flair but was remarkably embellished over the past years. Tourists love Birmingham for its amazing shopping opportunities and legendary musical roots: Here popular bands such as Black Sabbath and Duran Duran have paved their way to success.

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Costs of living in the UK

The costs of living in the UK strongly depend on your selected city. To ensure your expenses match your earnings, we recommend you have a look at the average rental and housing prices in the UK:


Tuition Costs In the UK

Studying in the UK is a perfect way to learn the English language more fluently and connect with locals and international people. This way, you do not only receive advanced education but also avoid feeling alone or homesick. Besides, if your children plan to attend a university in the UK, it is important to be informed about the tuition costs as they differ for native and international students:

Bachelor1.820-9.250 EUR/Year10.000-58.600 EUR/Year

Labour Market

London is one of the most popular workplaces and has a huge influence on the global industry and finance. Given the appeal of relocating to the UK, you should consider the average annual salary of 30.380 Euro as of 2019, which increased by 18 % compared to 2009. Like most modern economies, the majority of British employees work in the service sector (81 %), followed by industry (18 %) and agriculture (1 %).


Distances from London...

to Madrid: 1.726 km
to Berlin: 1.093 km
to Paris: 456 km
to Lisbon: 2.196 km
to Athens: 3.183 km
to Amsterdam: 543 km

to Rome: 1.847 km
to Vienna: 1.473 km
to Prague: 1.271 km
to Moscow: 2.875 km
to Dublin: 595 km

Movings to UK: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are moving with lots of items and objects, then we will book you on an exclusive moving truck. This is covered by our Standard Service.

A standard industry insurance of 620 Euros per cubic meter is included on all transports. Additional options for high value items are available upon request.

Yes, a special packing service is available in all locations. We will include this in the calculation for your individual quote.

We can offer low prices on small transports by combining loads. This is especially possible if you are somewhat flexible with pickup and delivery times.

Movings to UK with SMOOVER


We highly encourage you to try out our European Movings right here, right now. If you use this opportunity now, you have what most of our customers desire: A fixed price offer for a reliable value-added moving service.