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There is a great variety of international schools in Munich, each with its own curriculum and focus. Some schools are more general, while others specialize in a certain area, such as the arts or science. The majority of these schools are also accredited by the German government, meaning that they accept both German and international students and adhere to a prescribed set of standards. Tuition at international schools in Munich can be expensive, but there are a number of financial aid options available.

These schools offer a curriculum that is based on the national education system of the student’s home country, while also incorporating elements of the German education system. International schools in Munich vary in terms of their size, tuition fees, and the range of languages that they offer. Some schools are for students from pre-school age through to secondary school, while others only cater to students up to a certain grade level.

International school in Germany

The benefits of attending an international school in Munich include exposure to different cultures and languages, as well as a rigorous academic program. Students also have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities and sports programs, which can help them develop important life skills.

There are a few things you should look for when choosing an international school.

First, make sure the school has a good reputation. You can ask other parents or do some research online to find out what people think of the school.

Second, make sure the school has a good curriculum. The school should offer a curriculum that is appropriate for your child’s age and stage of development.

Third, make sure the school has a good faculty. The teachers should be qualified and experienced.

Some of the best schools in Munich

St George’s School

LOCATION: Heidemannstraße 182, 80939 München

AGES: 4-18



St George’s describes itself as being on a mission to develop the child as a whole – forming character, developing strengths, manners, skills, and confidence, not only transferring knowledge.

They strive to make sure learning is the product of investigation and experimentation. Through innovative teaching, they encourage independence and resilience, whilst developing a critical, questioning mind.  

Intercultural communication, mutual respect, and understanding are prerequisites for successful learning. This, combined with a fluency in English, is the best possible preparation for the future in a globally connected world.  

All teachers are fully qualified and hold either a degree in education or a post-graduate teaching diploma. The majority of teachers speak English as a first language and have prior experience in the British education system.


Bavarian International School

LOCATION: Leopoldstraße 208, 80804 München and Hauptstraße 1, 85778 Haimhausen

AGES: 4-18



BIS has placed the child’s individual development at the center of its educational focus, encouraging active, engaged participation. This is accomplished through the well-rounded International Baccalaureate curriculum, with extensive offerings in all subjects including the performing and visual arts, as well as wide-ranging athletics, service learning, and after-school activities programs. We are always looking to enrich the experience of our students, understanding our responsibility to prepare them to be contributing citizens in tomorrow’s world.

Two campuses – urban Munich City Campus and suburban Haimhausen Campus. 

1150 students and 170 teachers, with an excellent 7:1 student-teacher ratio.

80 After School Activities + 75% students from international families


International Bilingual School Munich

LOCATION: Lerchenauer Str. 197, 80935 München

AGES: 4-10


Income (€)Monthly Tuition FeeAnnual Tuition FeeRegistration Fee


Focuses on the individual child and his or her skills, talents, and needs. Our teachers are not simply competent brokers of knowledge, they are also committed companions in learning who encourage the children to indulge their curiosity, investigate the world, ask questions and acquire global knowledge concepts. Unlike traditional forms of teaching, it focuses on free and project work. The children investigate and discover. They actively design their learning processes in a self-determining manner which, according to the latest brain research, produces very positive learning results. Our bilingual primary school teaches the Bavarian curriculum for primary school which it combines with the internationally-recognized Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the IBO. This results in an integrated curriculum with the transdisciplinary approach which reflects the philosophy and mission of the school and brings it to life.

the children are able to indulge their thirst for discovery, providing them with experience-based comprehension and a deep understanding of knowledge concepts

the hands-on bilingual approach in English and German encourages the children to acquire well-founded skills in both languages in a natural manner

The Primary Years Programme was developed by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) for children aged three to twelve. It has an excellent reputation in the global education community. As an international, transdisciplinary program, it promotes the development of the whole child, both in the classroom and outside the school. The aim is to equip all students with academic skills, whilst at the same time providing a comprehensive understanding of social, emotional and cultural issues. The students’ physical and creative development is fostered by incorporating arts and sports activities. 


Munich International School

LOCATION: Schloß, Buchhof, 1, 82319 Starnberg

AGES: 4-18



independent, non-profit IB World School (IBO) that has been authorized by the International Baccalaureate 

26-acre campus in an idyllic nature preserves near Starnberg to provide students with high-quality educational experiences both within well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, and performing arts spaces and in our exceptional outdoor facilities.

Students at Munich International School routinely gain admission to the world’s elite universities. Our excellent academic programs are embedded, however, in a holistic, values-based curriculum that provides support and appropriate challenge for every child.

At Munich International School we organize our students’ learning around the three sections of the School: Junior School, Middle School, and Senior School. These three learning environments provide an evolving physical and pedagogical context, best suited to the developing learning needs of our students.



LOCATION: Maria-Theresia-Straße 35, 81675 München

AGES: 4-18


A one-off administration fee of 2.5 times one monthly tuition fee.


State-recognized Primary School our children study in German and English, using the immersion method. A teaching team consisting of a teacher and a teaching assistant look after a class, one being a German and the other an English native speaker.

In our secondary school, we continue with the bilingual concept. Our state-recognized secondary school specializes in modern languages and economics.

In general, each class consists of 24 students. As in primary school, all classrooms are equipped with an interactive whiteboard which makes it possible to engage students in modern lessons that are rich in variety. Furthermore, laptops are used during lessons on a regular basis. Our secondary school also offers a range of specialist rooms to the students such as a science laboratory, music and art room, and a bilingual library.

All students take the Bavarian Abitur. Students can complete the IB as an additional certificate if they meet certain requirements. Our teachers create an atmosphere that motivates the students to learn. Our students’ individual needs are not only met during the lessons but also outside of the regular lessons.


Jules Verne Campus

LOCATION: Bayerwaldstraße 8, 81737 München

AGES: 4-18


Income (€)Monthly Tuition FeeAnnual Tuition FeeRegistration Fee


state-approved bilingual elementary school,  bound by state requirements with regards to the qualifications of our teaching staff and building standards, etc., but we are required to follow the Bavarian Curriculum. This means that we also have standard German grading at Jules Verne Campus.

 Our goal is to provide a long-lasting, bilingual, and intercultural education. We stress the importance of internationality, global thinking, and entrepreneurial thinking. Individualized learning and a healthy, balanced lifestyle – with freshly prepared meals and daily sports and exercise

 encourage and challenge children according to the principle of language immersion – with two native speakers in small groups with a maximum of about 24 children teaching using methods that address the individual needs of students in age-mixed groups

 we have a unique subject called Curiosology for two hours a week in which the children can explore what they’re interested in and not necessarily what’s in the curriculum, at their own individual pace.

 grade mixing in Elementary School enables children from two different grade levels to sit next to each other in their learning group. This means that the “big kids” can review what they’ve already learned by helping the “little ones”, and the little ones learn something new from their older classmates. 

In the learning groups (classes) in the Elementary School, an “English native speaker”, or an English-speaking learning guide who interacts exclusively in English with the children, is present in addition to the usual German class learning guide. Lessons are given bilingually in German and English, not with everything translated but in a natural co-existence and interplay of the languages spoken by each learning guide. The principle of bilingualism applies to Grammar School as well: here at the secondary level, the language used for lessons depends upon the subject or theme.


European School Munich

LOCATION: Elise-Aulinger-Straße 21, 81739 München

AGES: 4-18


  • Kindergarten             3,958.40  €
  • Primary School         5,442.86 € 
  • Secondary School     7,422.07 €


The school was created primarily for the children of employees of EU institutions and of the European Patent Office. Their aim is to enable children to receive an education, which is comparable to one in a national education system. The school graduation certificate – the European Baccalaureate – enjoys a high international reputation.

Corresponding to the number of pupils, various language sections are available. At our school, we have German, English, French, Italian and Dutch sections. This ensures teaching by mother-tongue speakers in most subjects, including language, mathematics, science, as well as human sciences in the first two school years.

The diversity of the standard teaching program is enriched by additional courses, the so-called complementary subjects. They range from business courses to athletics to chess to knitting.

The school’s climate is characterized by mutual respect, a sense of responsibility, commitment, and openness.


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