With the bicycle to Greece and back

 Munich to Athens on the bicycle

After being forced to change my daily routines during Covid and subsequent lockdowns I wanted to celebrate the new-won freedom after the second vaccine with a bicycle trip to Athens, Greece.

I passed through Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy again and then got the ferry to Igoumenitsa and biked through the mountains of Greece.

It was a great trip, took 25 days in total and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The people I’ve met, food I’ve tasted and beautiful sceneries in any time of the day.


The different stopson my way to Athens

Day Start Destination Distance (km) Up (m) Down (m) Sleep Difficulty
24-May-2021 Munich Sylvenstein 80 408 144 Tent 4
25-May-2021 Sylvenstein Mauern (AT) 97 892 575 Airbnb 6
26-May-2021 Mauern (AT) Kiens (IT) 74 528 837 Tent 5
27-May-2021 Kiens (IT) Sappada 88 1290 822 Airbnb 9
28-May-2021 Sappada Udine 95 178 1338 Airbnb 5
29-May-2021 Udine Trieste 80 100 100 Hostel 4
30-May-2021 Trieste Lupoglav (HR) 73 400 100 Tent 6
31-May-2021 Lupoglav (HR) Tribljisko Jezero 72 600 1000 Tent 8
1-Jun-2021 Tribljisko Jezero Perusic 107 500 400 Tent 8
2-Jun-2021 Perusic Knin 119 400 400 Apartment 8
3-Jun-2021 Knin Split 111 150 150 Airbnb 4
4-Jun-2021 Split Split 12 0 0 Airbnb 1
5-Jun-2021 Split Drvenik 70 250 200 Strand 5
6-Jun-2021 Drvenik Dubrovnik 124 600 600 Airbnb 9
7-Jun-2021 Dubrovnik Bari (IT) 5 0 0 Fähre 0
8-Jun-2021 Bari (IT) Brindisi (IT) 130 50 150 Bed & Breakfast 6
9-Jun-2021 Brindisi (IT) Igoumenitsa (GR) 5 0 0 Fähre 0
10-Jun-2021 Igoumenitsa (GR) Loutsa 51 150 150 Guesthouse 3
11-Jun-2021 Loutsa Chalkiopoulo 124 400 200 Tent 6
12-Jun-2021 Chalkiopoulo Karpenissi 83 1700 900 Guesthouse 9.5
13-Jun-2021 Karpenissi Karpenissi 1 20 20 Guesthouse 0
14-Jun-2021 Karpenissi Irakleia 82 250 850 Tent 4
15-Jun-2021 Irakleia Orchomenos 83 600 650 Hotel 7
16-Jun-2021 Orchomenos Livadia 12 20 20 Hotel 2
17-Jun-2021 Livadia Thiva 45 20 100 Hotel 3
18-Jun-2021 Thiva Athina 84 700 950 Airbnb 8
25-Jun-2021 Athina Munich       Own bed 0
    Total 1,907 10,206 10,656  


The adventure

This was a great adventure to get a away, clear my head and reflect about life and the future of moving.

On the way I’ve met with some of our partner companies to have a chat about the impact of Corona and how the digitization in business can be a chance for increasing efficiencies in the moving industry. In Athens I had a very joyful meeting with our local partner and we talked about everything. I left my bicycle with them and it is now on the way to Munich in the back of one of their trucks that does a weekly tour between Germany and Greece.

Transport your gear with Smoover

I left my bicycle with the moving team in Athens and it is now on the way to Munich in the back of one of their trucks that does a weekly tour between Germany and Greece. So whatever hobby you have and wherever (in Europe) you want to enjoy it, we are happy to help and transport the gear for you. This is defintely easier than taking it on an airplane and unless you travel in a van much more comfortable than other alternatives.



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